MELODALA is a unique art app with a musical twist. As your symmetrical picture grows, so does the music. Your individual work of art (Dala) can be used as a screensaver, emailed, printed or set adrift on memory bliss. The possibilities are endless.

For iphone and ipad (HD)

Check out our demo on YouTube

Download MELODALA from iTunes


- 2 drawing modes - normal/blend
- 3, 4, 6, and 8 way symmetry
- 4 brushes, each with 3 variations
- 10 x 4 layered soundscapes
- Chillout mode
- 35 colour picker
- Volume control
- Save and email
- Sound control

Recommended for headphones or external speakers.

Ancient Roots

MELODALA is based on the Mandala, a concentric diagram used by Tibetan Buddhist Monks as a creative aid to meditation.

Cosmic doodling

MELODALA is a great app for just kicking back. Sublime melodic patterning for ages 2-102! Lay your colour lines and chillax to the music...

Dala ('da:la) n 1 design created through use of the iphone app MELODALA. Any of the various creations symbolizing the universe, usually circular. 2 Psycol. such a symbol expressing a person's striving for unity of the self.